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Newhouse Printing Adapting to a Changing Industry


Dover’s Newhouse Printing Adapts to a Changing Industry

Dover, Ohio – With a new corporate logo, tagline and re-designed website, Newhouse is announcing the rebranding/repositioning of their company to meet the needs of the changing printing industry. With a focus on customer intimacy, the new website incorporates several features designed to enhance customer service, allows convenient transactions and provided clients with a more efficient way to do business with Newhouse.

New buying trends in the printing industry was the inspiration to Carpenter’s decision to rebrand and reposition Newhouse. To kick things off, the company is launching an extension of its website to enable 24/7 click ‘n print functionality for its clients. Large customers will have a custom portal to facilitate on-demand orders, reordering and better manage their accounts. Recently launched this month, the new website capabilities will enable Newhouse to broaden its market nationally and appeal to locals who prefer to order online.

"Newhouse has a great reputation and our customers know they can count on us for quality and performance. Our company has consistently been recognized as an industry leader for several years, but we know we can’t remain a high performing company unless we continue to adapt," said President John Carpenter. According to Carpenter, diversity has been the company’s salvation in hard economic times. When one market segment faltered, Newhouse customers in other markets picked up the slack. Broadening their reach to a national market via an expanded website holds big potential for Newhouse. The company already has the people and equipment in place to serve online orders and it has a high search-engine ranking for online printing queries.
"The challenge will be in developing our online customer relationships so they are based on more than price. Newhouse has an excellent reputation for service, quality and customer relationships and we believe that will carry over to online sales," Carpenter stated.
“We want to provide every convenience for our customers to do business with us. The bottom line is that we do not want to be known not as a printing/marketing company, but rather a strategic partner/supplier who is invaluable in helping our customers to get closer to their customers,” said Carpenter. “With all of the features we’ve included on our website, it should be clear to our customers the realized savings in both time and money where it relates to the production of their printed material.”

With complete 24 hour accessibility, Newhouse customers can request estimates, place orders or send art files from anywhere on the website. In field studies, Newhouse customers have given rave reviews to the free Customer Portal feature which includes: password protected areas for customers to view proofs, visit a customized document library, and the ability to order printed collateral from the document library that can contain order quantities and pricing. In addition, the website features a Resources section filled with helpful information and case studies for print buyers and marketing professionals.

Founded in the early 1900’s, Newhouse is an award-winning commercial printing and marketing services company located in Tuscarawas County. Over the past century, Newhouse has successfully transitioned through ownership changes and has evolved into a high performing and multi-faceted graphic communications company. Since 2006, Newhouse has developed into one of Tuscarawas County’s fastest growing and innovative companies providing a full range of printing and marketing services to clientele that includes individual, retail, corporate and advertising agencies on a local, regional and national level.

For more information about Newhouse, visit their website at or call 330-343-1242 or follow them on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.